Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Hostgator Coupon Code September 2014

Forget about SNAPPY - the Hostgator Coupons (September 2014) on this blog are far more valuable. Save up to 30% on your new Hostgator hosting plan with updated coupon codes for September: Here are the codes for this month:

GATORCRUNCH30  --this code will reduce your payment by 30%

COMMONCENT   --this code gives you hosting for one cent in your first month

WIPEOUT995   --this code will reduce your bill by $9.95

These Hostgator Coupon Codes (September 2014) are valid and working. They can be used for any plan with Hostgator. Enjoy!

Hostgator's dominace in the web hosting industry testifies to a company that holds the highest standard in business. They know the importance of running a customer focused business as this is the foundation to building a sustainable business and Hostgator are surely sustainable.

With millions of domains hosted on their servers they have the experience and technical knowledge to ensure your website is hosted in a stable environment. Their 24/7/365 support team are there for customers to give each client the peace of mind that there is someone to reach out to should something occur that requires immediate attention. Hostgator are the best of the best!

Established in 2002, they have over a decade of web hosting experience which means your site is in safe hands. If you are moving from another host you don't need to worry about thing as Hostgator will help you throughout the migration process.

Reduce your web hosting costs today and take advantage of the Hostgator coupons for the month of September 2014.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The best Hostgator promotional services

One of the most serious companies that has prominent web hosting professionals is Hostgator. There are many reasons on why Hostgator is the web host of choice for many businesses. Currently, they have been ranked among the top web hosting companies and it is because there is a difference in their services. The perfect thing with web hosting services is being able to provide customizable services to the people you serve at all times. This is what has been done best by Hostgator. It has valid Hostgator promo codes that enable clients to obtain good discounts for their services at all times.

Hostgator is a market leader and this has developed at very constant and impressive pace since the inception of the company in 2002. It is a proud company that has over 7,000 servers and about 2.5 million hosted websites is a good business base. The biggest challenge is sustaining the clientele base at your site and this is where Hostgator has been so good at it.

The plans have been categorized differently in line with the requirements of businesses. These include three plans of hosting such as:

Hatchling plan which is only able to accommodate one website and it comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space provision. They also have the baby plan in which one has unlimited domains, unlimited disk space and bandwidth. And a very beneficial business plan with a full-time dedicated SSL and toll free number for businesses fixed on a single active IP address.

The promotion of all this is based on the promotional prices that have lots of Hostgator discounts in the market. The one thing that is quite special is the Hostgator promo codes that allow you a 20% off usual pricing. It deducts 20% of the official price of the price of the service that is offered to you as a client on their hosting platform.

Also, they have a $0.01 promotional offer. This is a 1 cent coupon promotion code, with this offer you are entitled to a plan that will cost you only 1 cent for the 1st month and regular cost for the other months. This is what is best for new clients after they have learned the factors of the Hostgator hosting platform.

The other promotional offer is the Exclusive 25% off coupon ”expired” - this is a code that only works with a few partners of the business. Getting a discount of 25% is one of the best deals you can ever receive in a Hostgator promo codes web hosting services. This code allows you access to the VPS and other dedicated services at a cheaper price.

There is a promotional offer that works with resellers hosting service. This is only available with the Hostgator reseller’s promotional code “expired” What this code offers you is that you will be able to save about $24.94. Free goodies also exist with the Hostgator offers and they will be able to promote your business and more specifically your website. In addition, they also come with a free site builder that one can use to make a website look very professional even with very little knowledge of HTML. Awesome customer support is also the most appealing promotional offer for clients on Hostgator. Hostgator is a really good place for anyone to host his or her website.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Hostgator Coupon Code for June 2013

Get an incredible discount on your hosting plan with these Hostgator coupons for June 2013:

Hostgator Promo Codes (June 2013) are as follows:

With this discount code you get 25% of ANY hosting plan with Hostgator

This coupon you will get your hosting for 1 cent on the baby or hatchling hosting plans


This promo code has a value of $9.95 and it will reduce your first invoice by this amount

To use these June 2013 Hostgator coupons all you need to do is to copy and paste them in the coupon field on the Hostgator website and then click validate to see your discount. See screenshot below:

You may have heard about HostGator and you might have seen a lot of web advertisements of HostGator in various websites. Yes, you saw right. HostGator is the web hosting giant company in the world. About 12,000 thousand dedicated server makes HostGator a world’s leading web hosting company. Additionally, HostGator is the proud host of 9 million domains which make almost 1% of web traffic.

HostGator offers different types of web hosting and domain services since its launch. Since 2009, HostGator have been selling their services using coupon code process. There are several coupons that are available to choose from from depending on your needs and requirement. Every year HostGator comes up with new coupons and promo codes.

Basically, a HostGator coupon code is a HostGator service selling method that has three individual plans such as Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan. The method helps you to select your preferred plan and also offers you a certain discount while buying web hosting and domain from HostGator. If you purchase any services (Web hosting and Domain) from HostGator using coupon code you will receive the service with a certain discount.

There several HostGator promo codes for 2013 that are available to choose from. The following are the latest HostGator coupons with corresponding  individual rates and services.

25% off-  The 25 % coupon code offers you up to 25% discount on every single purchase order. For the billing cycle, you can choose between 1-36 months. If you choose 36 months you will save a maximum of  $44.55/ year, which means you are saving $133.65 for 3 years. If you purchase in bulk, you should go for this coupon code. It gives you the best savings along with excellent service throughout the year. You will get unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domain and other facilities with this coupon code.

Spring- The Spring coupon is the oldest HostGator coupon that offers you 20% off in each order that you make. You will get all 20% savings on reseller hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server. For the medium size order, you can use spring coupon code that saves you up to $94 in in purchase.

Green- Green HostGator coupon 2013 will also give 20% off on your every order. This coupon gives you 99.9% uptime guarantee with secured backup. You can choose your service from three individual plans. HostGator Hatchling 1-3 year with discount up to $16.68-$35.64. HostGator Baby gives you a discount up to $42.96-$57.24 for 2 and 3 years service. Interestingly, you will get the maximum discount from HostGator Swamp package. That is up to $66.96-$93.24 for 2 and 3 years service.

1 Cent Coupon Code- This mini coupon is for the beginner who just starting.  In this coupon code, it offers $9.95 off on your first month bill. If you want to buy a shared hosting you should choose 1 cent coupon. This coupon gives you free live chat and email support, instant account activation with 45 days money back guarantee.